E-commerce connector-Orderin, help NetSuite succeed in connecting to Chinese e-commerce

2020-06-15 15:38:03

The rapid development of Chinese e-commerce has attracted worldwide attention, attracting more and more overseas companies to do business in China. For companies that want to enter the Chinese market to develop e-commerce business, China's e-commerce platform is just like a lover who is far in front of the horizon. For various reasons, they have not been able to find a suitable way to interact with it.

We know from the customers who are using ERP system to manage their business, the biggest obstacle is nothing more than their unfamiliarity with the place, their lack of understanding of the local e-commerce market in China, and their lack of understanding of how to carry out localized e-commerce business, and how the original ERP system with these platform orders for data docking management, and so on, for a while there will be no clue.


Compared with foreign e-commerce, Chinese e-commerce market has many differences and complexities

Without a person familiar with the local environment to lead the way, it is bound to suffer.

How can we enter  the Chinese e-commerce market quickly and successfully connect with TMALL,Taobao,JD?

For "foreigners" who use international systems such as NetSuite ERP for business management, they want to "hook up" with "cats and dogs" and other domestic e-commerce companies, and hope that these e-commerce platform data can be imported into NetSuite system for management. Under this demand, if there is also a matchmaker "matchmaker" that provides matchmaking services to help NetSuite seamlessly connect with domestic e-commerce platforms and realize the interconnection of order sales data, then everything can't be easier.


In the digital field, there is a connector!

She is NetSuite orderin, a e-commerce connector who has more than 10 years of experience in system matchmaking services. She is familiar with the domestic e-commerce environment,through a variety of localization programs and products to help NetSuite adapt to local customs, in a grounded manner to expand NETSUITE's contacts with domestic e-commerce, make it better and faster to adapt to the Chinese market.

Backed by the world's leading Oracle NetSuite ERP, she is born with the powerful ERP gene of Oracle NetSuite Enterprise ERP Cloud, catering to the new business formats of Chinese e-commerce, such as full-point new retail, O2O integration, social e-commerce, and live e-commerce. NetSuite business and financial integration operation provides a complete localized e-commerce solution, providing fast and seamless matchmaking services for NetSuite enterprises at home and abroad to explore the Chinese e-commerce market.


As the connector of NetSuite and Chinese e-commerce, orderin uses the powerful energy of NetSuite platform to establish a variety of connectors in the field of e-commerce and mobile applications in China. Good at helping NetSuite customers to automatically import order inventory data of e-commerce platforms such as Taobao Tmall into the NetSuite system, real-time synchronization management of order inventory data, automatic accounting of account statements, customer support and unified management of members, etc., in order to fully realize the entire business System automated business data circulation.

The business systems include not only Taobao, Tmall, Amazon, etc., but also third-party shipping systems, warehouse systems and back-end systems. In front-end business, it can be connected to e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, Taobao, and Jingdong, and to logistics delivery systems such as Cainiao, SF and to self-built shopping malls, self-operated stores, and Tripartite platform connection. On the back-end data platform, she can deeply connect with NetSuite ERP. The front-end and back-end data can be seamlessly imported and exported.


Through NetSuite orderin connection, it helps NetSuite and other system users who want to enter the Chinese e-commerce market at home and abroad successfully hold hands OR connect with Chinese e-commerce, bringing it a fast and convenient integrated management and service experience of localized e-commerce in China, greatly reducing Operating costs and risks.

If your business wants to quickly connect with Chinese e-commerce platforms and create a seamless integrated e-commerce management solution, but has been suffering from no acquaintances to "lead the way", welcome to come and consult us, professional team, digital matchmaking, help you connect with Chinese e-commerce!

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