NetSuite Orderin,A Powerful Tool of Integrated Management for E-commerce

2020-03-27 16:07:09

Recently we find that,some enterprises use two or more systems to manage their business! Due to the need of financial statements, a set of financial system has been installed, later again followed by a set of CRM system due to the need of customer management. Several systems are used in one company.Thus causing,data are redundant, and problems often occur. Such things are not rare.

Sometimes, not the more, the better

The same is true of enterprise management

There is a widely used "Occam's Razor Principle" in many fields such as science, management and economics. Its essence is a law that subtracts things."Occam's Razor Principle" is called "Don't Add Entities If Not Necessary".

Just like many enterprises' digital transformation, using multiple systems, multiple software, the original intention is to help efficiently manage the top-down business from sales to finance. But spent a lot of money, pay a lot of manpower and  resources, the result was always counterproductive. 

As a  partner of enterprise digital transformation and an innovator of omni-channel & new retail  solution,NetSuite orderin believes that a financial and business integrated ERP  is enough for enterprises' integrated management including e-commerce. A ERP system provides full-process management of finance, inventory, orders, purchases, customers, etc. to help enterprises standardize top-down business and get through all data.

However, the business environment is constantly changing

How to do subtraction in  integrated management?

Select a set of integrated ERP such as NetSuite orderin that supports the whole life cycle of the enterprise, can be upgraded, can be expanded, and can flexibly connect with other systems. From now to the future, you only need to manage the current business on the same one system and platform. Get through the data, and solve the problem of low efficiency caused by the non interoperability and data redundancy of multiple systems.

Truly manage all of your business on only one platform, and truly achieve full-process  integrated management throughout the enterprise, one NetSuite orderin is enough!

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