Born for NetSuite, Orderin, see NetSuite’s "Intelligent, All-around, Quick,"

2020-03-13 15:51:31

On Thursday, November 14th, the 2nd Oracle NetSuite China Summit with the theme of "Intelligent, All-around, Quick " ended successfully in Shanghai.

The conference attracted enthusiastic participation from business elites, leading enterprises and cloud ecological partners from all walks of life, followed closely the momentum of China's economic development, and held dialogues and shared insights on the current needs of start-up and growing companies and mutually beneficial and win-win industrial ecological construction.

As China's first five-star awarded partners engaged in the design, consulting, sales, development and implementation of Oracle NetSuite solutions, TCT Consulting  participated in this conference and gave support.

TCT brought its own products and programs at this summit, introduced and displayed them to the guests present, and also prepared lucky draw activities and rich prizes. The TCT booth was packed with people. Past guests expressed strong interest in TCT innovative products and solutions and consulted TCT staff on the scene.

If the diversity of Netsuite lies in the mutualism and mutualism in the cloud ecosystem, then its vitality is embodied in its high integration but flexible characteristics, which gives the system powerful impetus and innovation possibility.

Based on Oracle Netsuite ERP cloud, aiming at China's local market, combined with the current mainstream social economy, TCT’s new generation of omni-channel and business-finance integrated E-commerce ERP--orderin, is NetSuite's unified, comprehensive, flexible, highly integrated and personalized innovation that enriches NetSuite's practice in China's localized business environment such as social e-commerce and new retail, and expands the service domain of Netsuite, added the service and innovation ability of Netsuite in China.

Based on NetSuite ERP cloud development and focusing on e-commerce new retail, orderin has provided a complete set of O2O full-channel new retail solution from offline stores to online e-commerce multi-platforms.

A complete omni-channel retail platform, supporting integrated closed-loop business processes such as order, logistics, procurement, warehousing, SCRM, POS, and finance, opening up the data that had been split from each other, integrating mainstream e-commerce platforms, third-party warehousing, logistics, pos, Really and perfectly integrate the functions of front-end consumption and back-end ERP, to achieve full-service product-level integration of internal systems such as NetSuite enterprise ERP, finance, and e-commerce, to create a seamless and efficient e-commerce management ecosystem, and to help the industry's e-commerce transformation and upgrade.

Orderin is TCT's innovative achievement based on independent research and development by Oracle NetSuite. It is a localization solution that follows the trend of the times and is more suitable for new retail sales of e-commerce in China. It is also an important member of NS multi-cloud ecosystem.

At present, orderin has been officially launched on the NetSuite global cloud development platform suiteapp, which is better integrated into the NetSuite cloud ecology family. Welcome to download the experience:

As the trusted partner of NetSuite for many years, NetSuite China Cloud Ecological Innovation Practitioner, the best partner for enterprise digital services, TCT Consulting will live up to its mission, and together with NetSuite, continue to provide enterprises with flexibility, comprehensive, fast, Personalized cloud services create unlimited ecological value for digital innovation in the Chinese market.

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