Oracle and IDC jointly release industry trend report on SaaS market

2020-03-13 15:36:20

Innovative Technologies, such as big data, cloud computing and social engines, are gradually changing the business model and competitive environment. Data is becoming an important factor in the development of enterprises. Global application software is developing rapidly, become the business development accelerator of many enterprises.

In response to the new economic changes and developments in the cloud software market, Oracle and IDC jointly released the cloud computing industry trends report entitled "New Enterprise Experiences in a fully intelligent ecosystem" at the Oracle cloud world 2017, this paper analyzes the innovation trend and development opportunity of Saas in China, and provides a constructive analysis and conception for enterprises to expand strategic vision and carry out digital transformation.

Potential and Innovation Trend of SaaS Market in China

In China, SaaS market is experiencing faster growth. According to IDC survey, as of 2017, the global SaaS growth rate is 5.5 times that of traditional suites, while the SaaS market in China shows a growth rate of 7.8 times. Enterprises want to use strong data analysis capabilities and fewer suppliers to efficiently meet all the needs of business development, which makes data integration and platform unification the main driving factors for cloud on enterprise software. In the next five years, China's SaaS market will still maintain rapid development. It is estimated that by 2021, the scale of China's SaaS market will exceed 30 billion yuan, with an annual compound growth rate of 5 times that of traditional software.

The full spread of SaaS technology is in good agreement with the overall economic development trend of China's IT industry. By 2019, 20% of IT projects will create new digital services and revenues. Future SaaS will also redefine the business development of Chinese enterprises, including:

  • Integrated SaaS cloud services: more and more Chinese enterprises will become full-scale SaaS users, including HR management, marketing, sales order management, customer relationship management, financial management, supply chain management, production and manufacturing management, etc.

  • Building an information ecosystem: Enterprises need the ability to quickly integrate and innovate, and at the same time have one-stop cloud services with the ability to enrich industry practice support. Information flow integration application and all-round data service will become the choices for more enterprises to optimize customer service.

  • In-depth connectivity: In-depth connectivity of programs, scenarios and SaaS software for upstream and downstream customers will lead to new industrial value.

  • Intelligent Experience: Intelligent functions and integration with hot technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence will be key trends in SaaS development.

SaaS Brings Vigor and Benefit to Chinese Enterprises

Saas is effectively helping Chinese customers understand and leverage cloud applications, transform the cloud, and continue to explore potential business value and new market opportunities, with unprecedented impact on business operations:

New changes in business development: SaaS can help enterprises expand new business models, expand enterprise scale and improve overall flexibility. China's "the belt and road initiative" plan is rapidly connecting 64 countries and regions in the world, bringing new growth points to the economy along the route with a population of over 3.2 billion. Cloud computing is helping more and more domestic enterprises to rapidly carry out overseas business and quickly open up enterprise information networks.

New Experience of Business Operation:SaaS Realize Full Mobility, Digitalization and Intelligentization of Enterprise Service and Business Analysis Capability. The impact of digital transformation has risen to the macro-economic scale. While changing the way enterprises operate, it is reshaping the world economy.

Business Innovation: Enterprises with strong cloud computing innovation ability have increasing influence on the market and consumers. The integration of internal and external data resources and the construction of its own ecological system can accelerate the process of intelligent business transformation and realize sustainable business growth.

Oracle SaaS best practices help Chinese enterprises get through the cloud

As a global leader in cloud technology, Oracle continues to provide customers with complete SaaS end-to-end solutions, as well as comprehensive, rich, interconnected and innovative cloud technology suites, rapid deployment, flexible framework and new technology upgrades, demonstrating the core value of SaaS. Best practices representative of the industry include Baiyang Intelligent Technology, HKUST Xunfei and mobike, etc., demonstrating their commitment to helping Chinese enterprises embrace the cloud era actively.

New changes in business development: Baiyang Intelligent Technology uses Oracle's marketing cloud solution to build a marketing management platform in Baiyang's ecosystem, the "Mirror Intelligent Marketing Cloud", to further improve the Internet application ecosystem and to boost pharmaceutical marketing with a new model.

New business operation experience: Xunfei applied Oracle sales cloud solution to support the management of its artificial intelligence+education software product sales team, realizing a new enterprise operation experience that is fully mobile, digital and intelligent.

Looking forward to the future, the new turning point of enterprise reform

SaaS, as the application layer of cloud computing, is helping enterprises to realize the integration of digital formats and create new customer experiences, bringing new vitality to enterprise business development and transformation, business digitalization and business innovation. For the future development of cloud computing, IDC makes the following judgment:

In the next five years, China's SaaS market will continue to grow at a high speed and its business will be fully integrated: IDC predicts that by 2021, the size of China's SaaS market will exceed 30 billion yuan, maintaining a high growth rate.

Rapid deployment and landing of application software:under the tide of digital economy, SaaS, with its advantages of rapid deployment and landing and payment on demand, can help enterprises to improve productivity and realize the integration of upstream and downstream businesses while pursuing cost optimization.

Enterprises pay more attention to customer experience:Customer experience is the most important magic weapon for enterprises to gain a competitive advantage in a market economy. Enterprises can rely on intelligent or optimized existing business experience, and create new experience methods to allow customers to smoothly upgrade the experience.

Enterprises Need Open Innovation Capability: In the era of knowledge economy, enterprises need to use cloud computing technology, integrate external data resources, enhance the power of market channels, and combine internal innovation resources.

Chris Morris, vice president of IDC's Asia Pacific region and head of cloud computing business, pointed out: "With the change and innovation of cloud application technology, SaaS has become a strategic weapon for enterprises to digitalize and intelligentize with its obvious advantages of rapid deployment, cost reduction, integration of data and security assurance. How to use SaaS to accelerate business transformation while integrating external resources has become the key capability for enterprises to stand out in the competitive market."


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