How To Make Full Use of ERP Inventory Management?

2020-03-10 16:47:00 ERP Management

At present, the development of informatization has become unstoppable, and enterprise informatization is also an inevitable trend, so how to realize the perfect integration of industrialization and informatization? ERP management system can help enterprises achieve this goal. Different from the traditional enterprise management system, the main function of ERP system is to solve the problems of management mode and business process. Next, I will take optimizing ERP inventory management as an example to introduce this management system and help you understand ERP system deeply.


The traditional inventory management mode mainly adopts manual processing method to carry out inventory management. Specific management mode: establish an inventory ledger and perform reconciliation according to the received and sent information recorded. However, when the enterprise develops to a certain scale, the disadvantages of this traditional inventory management mode appear. With the increase of management personnel, the management difficulty gradually increases. Therefore, many enterprises have begun to use ERP management system to manage inventory information, so how does this management system bring convenience to enterprises?


In fact, the main features of the ERP management system are as follows:


1. Inventory information and work center information are managed separately, thus reducing the deposit in the inventory center. Managers can make "input/output" information analysis directly according to the information in ERP system.


2, shorten the logistics process, reduce the inventory management information processing capacity, let managers clearly understand the inventory information.


3. The information of the work center can be directly sent to the production center to update the inventory information in time.


4. The information of the work center can be linked to the cost management department, and cost information can be directly generated through the ERP management system to reduce labor workload.


After using ERP management system, the enterprise's inventory management standards and norms should also be adjusted. For example, properly reduce the rules for inventory reconciliation, reduce the possibility of entering and leaving the warehouse as much as possible, and ensure the safety of goods; According to the actual needs of enterprise management, determine the stock of special inventory; Manage the times of entering and leaving the warehouse, check the quality of goods, and achieve fine management. Therefore, using ERP management system is not only to process inventory information, but also a means to optimize enterprise management mode, which is the only choice for many enterprises.


Finally, after reading this article, if you are interested in ERP management system and want to choose a warehouse management system suitable for your enterprise, you can consult Shanghai Yunhe's customer service to learn more about ERP system.


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